1 Is optical density a synonym of barrier?
Not necessarily, since pin-holes in metallized films directly affect the films’ barrier even when the optical density measure is higher than 2.
2 Are surface tension and ink adherence correlated?
Surface tension and ink adherence are different properties normally correlated in polyolefine films such as CPP and BOPP, but are not consider cause and effect.
3 What is ‘hot tack’?
It makes reference to the hot seal resistance from a material until it completely solidifies. This property tends to be the limitation in seal for high speed machines.
4 What is the difference between static and kinetic coefficient of friction?
Static and kinetic coefficients are an index of slip measure and directly correlated. Static coefficient measures the strength to break inertia, while kinetic measures the average force needed for displacement.
5 What is the correlation between corona treatment and superficial tension?
Corona treatment is a surface oxidation process through electric shock to improve film adherence while increasing its superficial tension. Note that surface morphology tends to change over time and, accordingly, so does surface tension.
6 With what certifications do we guarantee our products?
Our certifications: ISO 9001, FSC 22000.
7 What range of thickness can your technology produce?
BOPP from 10 µ to 100 µ, BOPET from 8 µ to 75 µ , CPP from 15 µ to 100 µ, BOPA from 10 µ to 25 µ, COATING from 6 µ.
8 What does high barrier film means?
Conventionally barrier films measure water vapor and oxygen permeability. We have metallized high barrier films in BOPP, BOPA and CPP. For medium barrier, we have our transparent BOPA films.
9 What type of treatment can Opet films have?
Corona and chemical treatment with different coating such co-polyester, modified acrylic and others.